Full-Time RN

Job Title: Full-Time RN
Posted: Nov 07, 2019
Type: Full-time

Job Description

At Community & Family Resources (CFR), our staff has the opportunity to provide support at many different levels with youth as well as adults.  Our teams at CFR consist of highly qualified and motivated staff that has a passion for working with people and specifically assisting those who have or have had a struggle with substance use and the disease of addiction.  Many of the people we serve have also struggled with poor decision making, legal issues, homelessness, mental health disorders, health issues, financial issues, and family issues leaving them with minimal support.  Our team at CFR works together to provide support and instill hope for the people we work with.  We provide education regarding alternatives that are available and the hope of achieving a healthy and happy lifestyle.

 CFR is currently looking to fill a RN position in our Detox Unit. This position works various hours, mainly 2pm to 10:00pm, but may cover a day or an overnight shift if needed. This individual provides medical care for our clients in the Medically Monitored Unit.


  • Must be a Registered Nurse with a current valid Iowa license to practice nursing
  • Preferablly a completion of 20 hours of gambling specific training within the previous 24 month period
  • It is preferred that there is experience in substance abuse treatment services, counseling and those specialty areas relating to detoxifying clients


Skills & Experience

  • Provide assistance to counselors by completing the Intake process on all admissions consistent with the program's intake and assessment format
  • Complete all medical history and intake information and prepare all clients residing at CFR for physical exam as soon as possible following admission
  • During the week during normal business hours, advise the Billing Technician of people who have insurance, including Medicaid, immediately so that the pre-certification may be obtained, if required. If pre-authorization is needed after hours, the nurse on duty at the tie of admission should obtain the information necessary and complete the pre-authorization process.
  • Complete 6-month follow-ups on discharged Medicaid Only Clients as assigned by the Charge Nurse
  • Participate in the total Quality Assurance Program Plus as outlined in the Plan as directed by the immediate supervisor 
  • Provide services and complete Medical Orders for clients during each shift. Make rounds on each shift.
  • Chart all relevant information and pass it on to persons relieving the next shift
  • Conduct inspections of all admissions' belongings for contraband. 
  • Obtain linen, towels, etc, for new admissions coming into any level of care
  • Notify all referral ources when a transitional housing or residential client who has not been assigned a counselor leaves the unit against medical advice or due to any other rule violations or noncompliance
  • Administer and charge prescription and non-prescription medications per doctor's orders
  • Upon admission of a client, obtain and send releases of information to other treatment facilities, mental health units, doctors, hospitals, to gather pertinent information regarding client for counseling staff
  • Complete all I-SMART admission forms, discharge forms and corresponding progress notes for clients utilizing the Detox Unit
BENEFITS: IPERS, health, dental and vision insurance, 15K life insurance, generous PTO package, paid holidays, flex spending and others
TO APPLY:   Send resume to Colleen at colleenm@cfrhelps.org, or apply online at cfrhelps.org.  May contact Colleen at 515-576-7261, x1102 with questions.
CFR is a nicotine free employer. Our offers are contingent upon passing a pre-employment drug screen which tests for nicotine products

Additional Information

Posted: Nov 07, 2019
Type: Full-time
Compensation: $21/hr or DOE