Inpatient / Residential Substance Use Treatment Services

People entering treatment for drug and alcohol dependence need a place that will offer education, support their efforts, and provide encouragement to interrupt the cycle of addiction. Community and Family Resources offers residential treatment opportunities and programming to help clients complete each step of the recovery process. Individualized treatment plans include group therapy, individual counseling, education, and recreation activities to help clients make the transition to a sober and drug-free lifestyle.

Individuals in this type of treatment live in a safe, drug-free, and gambling-free environment while participating in a therapeutic environment that consists of various groups, individual and family sessions, and educational groups. Residents participate in household chores as well as therapeutic recreation as part of their recovery. The community of clients offers support and nurturing to each other, solidifying recovery efforts.

Community and Family Resources provides support and encouragement to help people break the cycle of addiction and develop the life skills necessary for productive, healthy lives.

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Adult Services

Community and Family Resources offers a variety of adult residential treatment programs for males and females with addiction and/or gambling concerns. These programs are designed to meet the various needs of individuals who need an inpatient setting to be successful in addressing their addiction, mental health, and related problems. While attending inpatient services, the clients live in a safe, drug-free, and gambling-free environment that allows them to address their identified needs.

Inpatient Treatment

At intake, clients complete a comprehensive assessment that aids them in identifying their physical, mental, and emotional needs; in building motivation for recovery; in identifying personal relapse dynamics; and in building recovery support. Recovery support includes building family relationships, examining vocational options, achieving spiritual goals, and identifying and using community resources. Clients participate in 50+ hours of programming each week with our trained clinical staff, which is designed to aid them in achieving their personal recovery goals.

Intensive Outpatient Program with Room

Individuals participate in 9 or more hours of programming each week.

Halfway House

Clients ready to leave primary inpatient care can enter our Halfway House where they may gain additional personal freedom and more responsibility. Client recovery is reinforced and strengthened while they hold jobs and prepare to rejoin their families and communities. Individuals participate in 5 or more hours of programming each week.

Adolescent Services


The Substance Abuse Treatment for Adolescent Recovery and Success (STARS) program offers several individualized treatment options for adolescents and their families. A counselor meets with the client to determine the appropriate program intensity, treatment schedule, and expected length of treatment. Treatment topics include: substance use treatment, emotional health, group exercises/activities, role playing, relationship building, and learning the recovery skills necessary to implement and maintain a recovery-based lifestyle.

Typically the residential portion of treatment lasts from 30-90 days and the outpatient group portion of treatment lasts 10-16 weeks and may be followed by aftercare. Adolescents are encouraged to attend 12 step meetings to further support their early recovery and help develop a sobriety-based support network.

While in treatment, the adolescent’s counselor will schedule individual and/or family sessions to review the adolescent’s and family’s progress in treatment, update/revise treatment plans, discuss discharge planning, answer questions, and discuss family concerns and/or referral options.