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Substance abuse, addictions, and mental illnesses can steal your life, children, family, friends, health, job, and respectability. Addictions damage your life emotionally, spiritually, and financially. Recovery is not an easy process, but there is help.

Addiction, like diabetes and heart disease, is preventable and treatable. Community and Family Resources offers education, treatment, support, and encouragement needed to overcome mental health issues or addictions to drugs, alcohol, and gambling. We also offer education and workplace support for employers. 




It is the objective of Community and Family Resources to provide our customers, which includes clients, funding sources, and other agencies, with services that promote healthy behavior and lifestyle.

"Community and Family Resources is dedicated to proactively assisting individuals, families, and communities achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle through advocacy, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental illness."

During Fiscal Year 2017, CFR offered behavioral health treatment to 3,000 individuals through a wide array of substance abuse, gambling, and mental health treatment services. These treatment services include detoxification, residential/inpatient, transitional living, outpatient, and distance treatment services. Additionally, over 13,000 individuals were served through CFR’s substance use and gambling prevention/education programs. This includes programs provided to schools, businesses, and community groups. 



Community and Family Resources Brief History

Community and Family Resources (CFR) has been a free standing comprehensive substance abuse provider dedicated to serving families since 1968. Comprehensive Prevention Services began in 1982, and services for problem gambling began in 1997. The agency has been licensed by the State of Iowa to provide Substance Abuse Services since 1978. In 2011, CFR also became accredited as a Mental Health Service Provider by the Division of Mental Health and Disability Services under the Iowa Department of Human Services.

Today, CFR offers outpatient behavioral health services in Boone, Calhoun, Hamilton, Humboldt, Pocahontas, Story, Webster, and Wright Counties. Additional Prevention services are also included in Franklin and Hardin Counties. CFR’s residential treatment facilities, detoxification unit, adult crisis stabilization unit, transitional living/halfway housing, and administrative offices are located in Fort Dodge. Community and Family Resources is focused on integrated and exceptional behavioral health care and prevention services to those seeking help for substance abuse, mental illness, co-occurring issues, or problem gambling.

The agency’s Board of Directors includes elected county officials as well as individuals with a desire to represent their county and CFR’s mission. CFR maintains a Board of Directors with between 11 and 18 members, representing each of the counties based on population, level of service, and interest to serve.


Mission Statement

"Community and Family Resources is dedicated to proactively assisting individuals, families, and communities achieve healthy behavior and lifestyle through advocacy, prevention, and treatment of substance abuse, problem gambling, and mental illness."

Philosophy of Treatment
CFR’s treatment programs use a blend of research based treatment approaches that have been shown to be helpful in   assisting individuals to achieve their treatment goals. The clinical teams at each facility are composed of professional staff and counselors who understand substance use, mental health, and gambling disorders.
CFR understands that addiction is a chronic disease of the brain and that relapse is often part of the recovery process.  Having access to and involvement with other community resources (such as housing, spiritual, medical, economic, social, mental health, trauma/abuse, sexual preference, employment, education, legal, transportation, etc.) significantly aids success and establishes hope in developing a long term recovery - oriented lifestyle. CFR’s professional staff work closely with individuals to identify and access community resources to achieve person-centered and agreed-upon recovery goals and learn the skills necessary to maintain recovery from mental health and substance use disorders. Treatment decisions that are made in partnership with each client and provider are guided by industry standards.
CFR recognizes how adult and adolescent substance use, problem gambling, mental illness, and related concerns affect family members, friends, co-workers, and the community. CFR encourages family members/friends to identify how they’ve been affected by the issues of their loved one, begin to work on making positive changes for themselves, and seek supportive services to begin the process of their own healing. Educational opportunities, family groups, and support are offered to family members and friends to learn how to be a recovery support person. This may include participation in community-based family support groups like Al-Anon, Nar-Anon, or topic-specific support groups.
CFR’s mission is to provide high quality, community-based, behavioral health care services. Strengths-based services are provided in a respectful and confidential manner. You will be treated with dignity and respect. Services will be as responsive and accessible as possible to you, your family, and the community we serve.

Agency Objectives

CFR's objectives (which are not listed in any order of importance) as outlined by the CFR Board of Directors in the strategic plan prepared with the assistance of State Public Policy Group in May 2007 and updated in August 2017:

  1. Ensure services and programs provided by CFR meet the current and emerging needs of individuals and communities in a fiscally responsible manner.
  2. Provide stewardship and oversight of funding, programs, and services - including outcomes and financial performance.
  3. Take proactive steps to achieve financial stability and ensure long term sustainable growth.
  4. Assess and address infrastructure issues to align with organizational and program/service needs.
  5. Improve and increase the image, profile, impact, and influence of CFR throughout the communities we serve.

It is the objective of Community and Family Resources to provide our customers, which includes persons served, funders, and other agencies, with services that promote a healthy behavior and lifestyle, through advocacy, treatment, and prevention of substance abuse, problem gambling and mental illness.

CFR staff are bound by the highest moral, legal, and professional standards for their conduct and services they provide. CFR shall strive to enhance the principles of competency, accountability, responsibility, nondiscrimination, and service excellence by the policies and procedures it adopts and by the day-to-day practices it follows. All staff maintain respect for the privacy and well-being of individuals served by the agency and for the welfare and protection of the general public. In addition to the CFR Code of Conduct/Ethics, all staff shall be bound by the code of ethics of their respective professions.
Board of Directors
Board Members: County Represented: Term Expires:
Doug Bailey, President             Hamilton Oct. 2019
James Gill  Webster Oct. 2020
Carl Bergstrom          Boone Oct. 2018
Mike Cooper         Calhoun Oct. 2019
Bill Lusher                   Boone Oct. 2019
Lauris Olson              Story Oct. 2019
Bruce Reimers         Humboldt Oct. 2018
Louis Stauter           Pocahontas Oct. 2020
Bob Thode                Webster Oct. 2018
Stan Watne           Wright Oct. 2019          
Gwenda Naylor  Webster Oct. 2020