Recovery House

The staff at Community and Family Resources believes recovery is an on-going process. Because we know that no two people are alike in their needs and goals, treatment is customized to each person's individual situation

The newly recovering person continues the journey of healing long after completing their initial treatment experience. It is crucial that this healing be supported and nurtured so the person may continue to thrive and grow as they take each new step toward recovery. Nurture and support are not always easy to find. The disease of addiction takes many things from those touched by it. The recovering person often finds themselves in the daunting position of starting over.

The Recovery House for adult men is one more service that Community and Family Resources offers those individuals who find themselves in need of longer term care. Clients who show dedication to the goal of long term recovery are considered for this opportunity.

The Recovery House is not just transitional housing but an extension of the therapeutic community. Residents continue to experience individualized treatment planning as well as group and individual sessions with the same clinical staff they have come to know and trust during the initial phases of treatment.