Crisis Stabilization

The Adult Crisis Stabilization Unit (ACSU) is designed for voluntary individuals who are in need of a safe, secure environment that is less intensive and restrictive than an inpatient hospital. The unit serves individuals who are experiencing an acute mental health crisis. The county case manager assigned to the individual works with the interdisciplinary team and community agencies to address any needs in order to reintegrate the individual back into their home community.
The key goals of the ACSU are (1) to assist the individual in resolving the issue/situation that brought him or her in for services, (2) to identify and connect the individual to support systems prior to his or her discharge from the unit.
Adults 18 years or older who meet ALL criteria can be referred to the ACSU by a licensed practitioner. An adult will be considered for admission to the ACSU if he/she:
  • Is experiencing a mental health crisis, AND
  • Has been evaluated by a licensed physician from the hospital or a licensed practitioner from a Community Mental Health Center, AND
  • Has been determined to be in stable physical condition and not actively suicidal
Our staff consists of trained nurses, mental health professionals, substance use counselors, and treatment specialists. This group works as a multidisciplinary team to ensure the needs of the individual and family are met while the individual is in our care. Our staff uses a combination of Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and mindfulness skills to assist individuals in resolving the issues that brought them in for services.
Services provided include:
  • Crisis intervention
  • 24-hour staffing and support
  • Mental health and substance use evaluations and treatment
  • Medication administration and monitoring
  • Referral to community-based support services
  • Referral to Psychiatric staff as needed