Nurse Practitioner

Job Title: Nurse Practitioner
Posted: Jan 10, 2022
Type: Part-time

Job Description

Primary duties and responsibilities:

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  • Work with the primary healthcare team to provide patients with primary medical care services within the established standards of care
  • Order laboratory and radiology tests and refer patients to specialists when appropriate.
  • Analyze reports, test results, medical records and examinations to diagnose condition of patients and propose treatment options.
  • Prescribe pharmaceuticals, other medications, and treatment regimens to treat identified and documented medical conditions.
  • Discuss potential side effects of medication/treatment with patients and ensure that all allergy information is up-to-date before prescribing medication/treatment.
  • Provide advice to patients for lifestyle and diet changes that may improve their health or help to treat the health issue they are experiencing.
  • Adhere to agency policies, procedures and objectives, ongoing quality improvement objectives and safety, environmental, and infection control standards.
  • Maintain patient confidentiality and comply with all federal and state health information privacy laws, including HIPAA and 42 CFR.
  • Record complete, timely and legible medical records utilizing the agency’s electronic medical record system.

Skills & Experience


  • Experience providing primary care and diagnostic services in a clinical setting.
  • Experience prescribing appropriate medications, treatments and health regimens to treat patient health issues.
  • Experience collaborating with specialists to explore patient health conditions and diagnose health issues.
  • Experience working in a team of healthcare professionals and collaborating with them to ensure positive, effective patient experiences with our organization.
  • Excellent communication and inter-personal skills.
  • 3 years of experience in a primary care role outside of their residency and the following certifications:

CFR is a nicotine free employer.

    This person needs to be available for 1-2 hours per day, times can be flexible.

Additional Information

Posted: Jan 10, 2022
Type: Part-time