Regional Director - Iowa City

Job Title: Regional Director - Iowa City
Posted: Feb 17, 2021
Type: Full-time

Job Description

The basic tasks are to develop and supervise the agency substance use, problem gambling and mental health treatment programs in accordance with agency policy and procedures and Iowa licensure/certification standards. The employee in this position will be an enthusiastic, detail-oriented team and individual contributor with a passion for learning who is able to excel with minimal supervision.  In addition to possessing excellent verbal and written communication skills, the employee should have excellent listening comprehension, including the ability to understand complex written and verbal instruction.  Because of the nature of the information with which the employee will be working, this position does require a high degree of confidentiality.  This employee will work directly under the Addiction Program Clinical Director.  Clearly understanding the agency mission, goals, and direction as set by the Board of Directors is essential.  Developing a clear understanding of the agency philosophy and the directions of the Executive Director and supporting his/her direction is required.  The employee must function well in a sometimes intense environment where critical management decisions are made on an on-going basis and be able to interact in this intense environment in a courteous and professional manner with tact and poise.  The employee will need to perform a variety of important, sometimes urgent, confidential and complex tasks with constantly changing priorities. Other duties may be assigned.  The employer reserves the right to change or reassign job duties or combine positions. 
Essential duties and responsibilities:
  • Responsible for the substance abuse, problem gambling and mental health clinical operation and functioning of CFR/Prelude in accordance with Chapter 155 Substance Abuse and Problem Gambling licensure standards, Chapter 24 Accreditation, CARF Accreditation and other contracts.
  • Responsible for crisis calls, evaluations, treatment planning, and referrals on all addiction services clients and family members engaging the services of CFR/Prelude (with the assistance of other staff).
  • Responsible directly or by designation for seeing that appropriate records, including medical and others are kept in accordance with outlined procedures.
  • Responsible directly or by designation for preservation of treatment materials, such as books, audio-visual equipment, films, tapes, etc.
  • Responsible directly or by designation for addiction staff training and development. Will work with staff on individual training plan.
  • Responsible for conducting performance evaluations for supervised staff. 
  • Assist the program in developing policies and procedures relating to the assessment, treatment, levels of care determination for clients, and assist and advise clinical staff in total client care management.
  • Responsible for participation in the Quality Improvement Program Plan as outlined in the Plan and as directed by the Executive Director.
  • Attends and participates in staff meetings.
  • Participates in budget development and management.
  • Maintains all contract compliance.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Administrative requirements –
  • Provide leadership in the communities served by involvement on committees, speaking engagements, public appearances and targeted media campaigns.
  • Direct any emergency situation that requires immediate decision.
Community education and prevention –
  • Define and develop the duties of the community liaison team
  • Act as the primary liaison and coordinate with others to promote community awareness of problems relating to and caused by gambling, substance abuse, and co-occurring issues.
  • Provide regular feedback from community to other supervisors and Senior Management Team.
Court services -
  • Serves as and/or designates the Agency liaison with the law enforcement personnel and judicial officials within the service area.
  • Serves as staff resource person regarding subpoenas, testimony, etc
Individual/Family counseling and referral -
  • Participates in and/or designates intra-agency staffing to determine needed services and appropriate modes of treatment.
  • Supervises treatment plan design and the treatment process for clients and referral sources.
  • Ensures that clients/families receive referral sources for services unavailable at CFR/Prelude or when CFR/Prelude services are inappropriate.
  • Acts as the primary agency liaison with referral sources, both agencies and individuals.
  • Maintains documentation regarding any personnel problems with counselors and therapists and communicates these problems promptly to the Addiction Program Clinical Director.
  • Performs related work as required.
Job knowledge -
  • Knowledge of the theories, principles, and techniques of  substance use, gambling, and co-occurring treatment;
  • Knowledge of the psychosocial aspects of mental health issues and substance use;
  • Knowledge of the principles of recording and report writing;
  • Knowledge of the theories, principles and techniques of supervision;
  • Knowledge of the public and private welfare, health care, mental health and substance abuse agencies available to serve the community;
  • Knowledge of quality assurance, utilization review, and program development and evaluation.
Program development -
  • Develops and coordinates educational and/or rehabilitative programs for identified special target populations.
  • Ensures that Special Programming is consistent with overall agency program objectives and with licensure standards and assists the Addiction Program Clinical Director in the evaluation of specialized programs.
  • Participate in and disseminates information regarding utilization reviews, quality assurance reviews, program reviews and revisions.
  • Attends and participates in scheduled Staff meetings, Management meetings, and appropriate committees as necessary.
  • Assists in grant related activities.
  • Assists in increasing revenue and decreasing costs for the agency.
  • Is responsible for overseeing addiction treatment program budget development and monitoring, including assisting staff as necessary.
  • Assist with development, implementation, and review of policies and procedures.
Supervision -
  • Develops and monitors client services and reviews agency client case records for compliance with licensure standards. Monitors agency therapeutic services for appropriateness and effectiveness.
  • Supervises and supports Outpatient Clinical Manager, Residential and RA Supervisors, and Nurse Manager; provides training to direct reports.
  • Reviews, directly or by designee, files of clients recommended for agency services for appropriateness of recommendations and signs off on files.
  • Maintains documentation regarding any personnel problems with direct report staff and communicates these problems promptly to the Addiction Program Clinical Director.
  • Performs related work as required.
Supervisory responsibilities –
  • Directly supervises Outpatient Clinical Managers, Residential and RA Supervisors, and Nurse Manager.
  • Coordinates service and service contracts with the Medical Director.
  • Carries out supervisory responsibilities in accordance with the organization’s policies and applicable laws.
  • Participates and coordinates in interviewing, hiring, and training employees.
  • Either directly or by designee, plans, assigns, and directs substance abuse counselor work.
  • Assists direct reports in appraising counseling staff performance.
  • Rewards and disciplines employees.
  • Addresses complaints and resolves problems.
Treatment services –
  • Oversees the development of the substance use/problem gambling and mental health treatment program, including all groups and individual sessions.
  • Ensures the treatment program is consistent with agency program objectives and with licensure, accreditation and CARF standards.
  • Assists in the evaluation of the treatment program.
  • Ensures staffing patterns are developed to meet client and agency needs.
  • Supervises and approves all new addiction treatment modalities/services for the agency.
  • Works for seamless transition of clients throughout the levels of care and geographic locations.

Skills & Experience

Education and/or experience -
  • Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Masters degree in Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy or Counseling, AND
  • Current Iowa Substance Abuse Counselor Certification, AND
  • Independent license as a social worker, Counselor or Marriage and Family Therapist  (LISW, LMHC, LMFT) AND,
  • One year of experience in community development or program planning. Experience in a supervisory position and quality improvement is preferred.
Computer skills -
  • Electronic medical records system,
  • Web-based time-keeping systems,
  • Internet software,
  • Spreadsheet software, and
  • Word-processing software.
Abilities –
  • Ability to apply previous experience and training to the provision of mental health, problem gambling, and substance abuse treatment;
  • Ability to establish good working relationships with clients and staff;
  • Ability to secure appropriate information by direct and collateral interviews;
  • Ability to analyze problems presented, to bring agency/community resources to bear within policies and regulations, and to develop and implement effective courses of action;
  • Ability to prepare clear and concise case records and to keep other relevant records;
  • Ability to prepare regular and special written and oral reports;
  • Ability for public speaking; skill in client evaluation, therapeutic planning, and research; and
  • Ability to implement actions to ensure licensure readiness.

Additional Information

Posted: Feb 17, 2021
Experience: Director
Education: Master's Degree
Schedule: Day Shift
Type: Full-time