Support Staff Supervisor

Job Title: Support Staff Supervisor
Posted: Feb 04, 2021
Type: Full-time

Job Description

This position is responsible for the oversight of all state reporting requirements with CDR, direct supervision of all secretary/receptionist support staff and performing duties of support staff in their absence.  The employee in this position will be a detail-oriented, team contributor with strong enthusiasm and a passion for learning who is able to excel with minimal supervision.  In addition to possessing excellent verbal and written communication skills, the employee should have excellent listening comprehension, including the ability to understand complex written and verbal instruction.  Because of the nature of the information with which the employee will be working, this position does require a high degree of confidentiality.  This employee will work directly under the Controller.  Clearly understanding the agency mission, goals, and direction as set by the Board of Directors is essential.  Developing a clear understanding of the agency philosophy and the directions of the Controller and supporting his/her direction is required.  The employee must function well in a political environment where critical management decisions are made on an ongoing basis and be able to interact in this intense environment in a courteous and professional manner with tact and poise.  The employee will need to perform a variety of important sometimes urgent, confidential and complex tasks with constantly changing priorities. Other duties may be assigned.  The employer reserves the right to change or reassign job duties or combine positions. 



  1. Assists the Controller with the day-to-day management of all aspects of support staff functions.
  2. Locates and attaches related documents to correspondence, which requires the personal attention of the Controller.
  3. Handles details of a confidential nature, and performs administrative functions based on understanding of company policy, Controller’s views and philosophy, which can be assumed by this level.
  4. Frequently interacts with all employees within the company, as well as clients, vendors, and business relations.
  5. Coordinates logistics for company meetings, executive meetings, and conference calls.
  6. Supports the Controller in all administrative aspects of the business.
  7. Other duties as the Controller may assign. 


  1. Assists and consults with the Controller in the direction and supervision of Support staff.  Responsibilities  include participation in interviewing, training, and appraising staff performance, planning, assigning, and directing work flow, review of clinical documentation to meet licensure/accreditation and contract requirements.


  1. Establish internal record keeping and reporting procedures in support of the all contract reporting requirements, such as Court Reporting.
  2. Design, prepare, and distribute data collection forms.
  3. Make any necessary corrections to form information.
  4. Enter and/or assure the proper entry of data from data collection forms.
  5. Works with Quality Assurance personnel to streamline processes so front desk functions flow smoothly and consistently among all outpatient centers.


  1. Train all staff members in the proper completion of the reporting tools.
  2. Instruct staff members as necessary about promptness, completeness and accuracy of their reports & forms.
  3. Act as liaison between state reporting personnel and Program Staff members.
  4. Guarantee that all case records at the Agency are kept confidential.


  1. Must be capable of fulfilling all duties described in the support staff/receptionist job description and possess the flexibility to fill this position on short notice in a variety of locations.
  2. Must be familiar with a variety of grant & contract reporting requirements.
  3. Must be a person who pays close attention to detail and be proficient at data-entry.
  4. Must be proficient in Computer Software, including Word processing and Spread Sheet Applications.

Skills & Experience


Associates Degree in related field OR One year certificate from college or technical school; OR three to six months related experience and/or training; OR equivalent combination of education and experience, AND
Three years Supervisory Experience

Additional Information

Posted: Feb 04, 2021
Education: College Diploma
Schedule: Day Shift
Type: Full-time