Continued COVID-19 Prevention Efforts
Community & Family Resources continues to monitor the CDC's COVID-19 hospital admission levels by county in order to guide our infection prevention strategy, as the health and safety of those we serve, who may have underlying health conditions or are otherwise at high risk of complicatons from severe COVID-19 infection, is a top priority. 
Currently, Webster and Humboldt Counties are in the High category, and masks will be required for all clients, staff, and visitors to our offices in these counties. Johnson County is in the Medium category, and masking is highly recommended, but not required, at our offices in Johnson County. We also ask that you please stay home if you have active COVID-19 symptoms or have been exposed. 
Signage to reflect the current county levels will continue to be placed on our entry doors and we ask you to please check each time you visit, as the levels change.

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