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Community and Family Resources’ Quality Assurance Team meets monthly to review important agency benchmarks, outcomes, and client satisfaction ratings. The committee is composed of staff from a wide range of disciplines and specialties. This committee monitors the agency’s commitment to excellence in service delivery; consumer, staff, and stakeholder satisfaction; training; assessment of agency strengths and development needs; and communication. The committee is responsible for establishing and assessing annual quality and performance improvement outcomes.

Clients participating in CFR’s treatment services are regularly provided with surveys to assist in determining program satisfaction and areas for improvement within the agency.
Highlights from the Fiscal Year 2023 (July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023) client surveys are listed below:
  • In FY23, 94% of clients agreed/strongly agreed with the statement, “I was treated with respect by all staff.” following their first visit with a treatment provider.
  • During the course of treatment and at the time of discharge, 91% of clients agreed/strongly agreed that their provider focused on their goals and that CFR's services fit their needs.
  • In FY23, 74% of individuals who took our 12-hour Prime for Life class, which is required for reinstatement of a driver's license following an OWI charge, agreed/strongly agreed that the class helped them make a decison about their substance use choices. 

When surveyed, clients have shared the following comments: 
“Showed me that there are people in the world like me, and as long as I get the help I need it will be ok"
"Helped me re-establish a good relationship with my family, school, and helped me understand the dangers of substance abuse"
“Shows compassion for my needs”
"CFR has changed my life"
"This place has been an amazing experience and 100% beneficial for me"
“Thank you for this chance to get my life back”
"They made me feel welcomed and accepted"
“Patience, kindness, explains things at my level, truly lives a life of recovery herself”
“She is very receptive and understands what we are going through. She helps more than her job requires”
“Accommodates schedules and is a relaxed, welcoming environment” 
"CFR helped me save my life! I'm forever grateful.”
“All counselors I have had have been good for my recovery, they are kind, caring and seem to know their work on a professional and personal level.”
“Very compassionate and takes all my concerns into account regardless how big or small. She never lets me leave after talking to her without feeling everything has been addressed and in the works.”
“My counselor is able to explain things and shed light on topic in a way that others can't or haven't seen other counselors do for me. She really knows how to talk with clients and is very caring, going above and beyond to help you, if you truly work hard and show you want it.”
“I found EOP incredibly valuable. I am so grateful to be where I am. (My provider) kept me engaged every week and was a great counselor.”
"Thanks for going the extra mile, not something everyone would do."
"At first I was skeptical of Drug Court but I can honestly say this program is fit for my needs and I am starting to enjoy it and be proud of my sobriety." 
"So glad I'm receiving help by a wonderful provider. She has helped me a lot thus far in a short amount of time."
"Impressed with staff, impressed with education info in the groups, and Wellness is awesome!
"Everyone in the office was respectful and treated everyone like a person, no matter what situation they came in for."
"I really appreciate you guys having me here. I have learned a lot about coping skills. It has really helped me control myself with alcohol."