Synchrony EAP

CFR’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) in Iowa City is branded under the name “Synchrony” and offers a valuable resources for local employers and their employees. The EAP helps resolve personal problems before they negatively affect one’s health, relationships with others, or job performance. Synchrony EAP Therapists provide confidential counseling, education, and referral services. The topics addressed can include, but are not limited to: emotional or mental health concerns, marital or relationship issues, substance use, stress management, or work-related issues. Based on the employer’s contract with Synchrony, EAP Therapists can meet with employees at no cost for a pre-determined number of times for assessment and short-term counseling. Ongoing sessions are available through utilizing personal insurance benefits or referrals can be made to other community services, if needed.
Additional services available through Synchrony EAP include crisis intervention services, management consultations/coaching, and a variety of training opportunities.
You may reach the Synchrony EAP Program directly at 319-351-9072.